Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Having carpeting in your home serves a variety of purposes. It helps to keep your floors warmer, reduces sound, adds texture and color to your homes decor and serves as cushioning for your feet when standing for a long time. However, your carpet unlike most other items in your home are subjected to a good deal of abuse. Dust and dirt are dragged in from outside and grounded into your carpeting. Your carpet is the recipient of stains from spilled drinks, dropped foods, and accidents caused by your children or pets. They also tend to absorb household odors from smokers or cooking.

Overtime, all of these dirt and odors begin to combine leaving your carpeting looking and smelling less than clean and fresh. Here at Manhasset Carpet Cleaning we can clean your carpeting and restore it almost new condition.

About Our Cleaning Technicians

Because we believe all of our customers deserve the very best cleaning services possible we won't send anyone to your home that doesn't meet our rigorous cleaning standards, which is why we train all our carpet and other cleaning technicians ourselves.

During their training our cleaning technicians learn how to use our state of the art cleaning equipment and organic cleaning machines. In addition, we also make sure that our cleaning technicians are able to recognize common stains and odors and know how to remove them from your carpeting.

Our State of Art Cleaning Equipment

No matter how well we train our carpet cleaning technicians they are only as good as the equipment they are given to use, which is why we only use state of the art cleaning equipment in our cleaning business. Our state of the are steam cleaners are gentle on your carpet fibers, but tough on dirt. Our steam cleaners can reach that ground in dirt deep down into carpet fibers and gently lift that dirt away. Steam cleaning your carpeting also kills germs and bacteria that may be lurking in your carpeting.
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Our Organic Cleaners

We won't use harmful cleaners in our own home, and we won't use them in your home either. Our organic cleaners are tough on dirt and odors, but gentle on your carpeting fibers. They also are safer for you, your children and your pets than chemical cleaners often used in carpet cleaning. Our green cleaners won't leave behind any toxic chemical fumes or residue.

Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning

We are extremely proud to provide both commercial and residential and carpet cleaning services. Whether you have a small efficiency apartment with a small carpeted area, a large single family home, a business whose carpet needs cleaning or are the manager of a large apartment complex we can meet your carpet cleaning needs.

To schedule a free consultation or carpet cleaning appointment gives us a call
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