Area Rug Cleaning Service

Not all homes in Manhasset have carpeting. Many of the fine homes and apartments in this community have lovely wood or tile floors which are kept in good shape by the use of area rugs. Area rugs like carpeting serve several uses in the home giving those who live there a bit of cushioning when standing, protecting wood or tile floors, and adding color, texture and charm to the décor. Also like carpeting, area rugs take a large of amount of abuse and need to be periodically cleaned in order to keep them looking their best.

Two Area Rug Cleaning Options

In order to make having your area rugs cleaned by us even more convenient for you we are pleased to be able to offer two area rugs cleaning options. We still use state of the art cleaning equipment and organic cleaning products with both options, and both are options are designed for you convenience, one options just gives you a little more freedom to do the things you want or need to do.

Cleaning Option 1

Our first cleaning option is what we regard as our in home rug cleaning option. If you choose this area rug cleaning option you simply give us a call and set up and appointment for a time that is convenient for you to have your area rugs cleaned. We will arrive at your home at the appointed time and clean your area rugs right there then. When choose this option our extended cleaning hours and same day services applies.

Cleaning Option 2

Our second area rug cleaning option is what we refer to as our pick up and delivery option. If you choose this option, you simply give us a call and arrange a time for us to come and pick up your area rugs. We then take them back to our facility where we clean them and then return them to you again at a time that is convenient for you. Pick up and delivery is free, you only pay for the cleaning itself.

Types of Area Rugs that We Clean

We clean all sizes, shapes and designs of area rugs including:

• Native American Rugs
• Persian | Turkish | Indian
• Oriental | Acrylic | Silk | Shag
• Polyester and polyester blends
• Wool and wool blends
• Hand made or Machine Made

Expert Cleaning Technician

We can clean rugs made from the latest materials as well as any antique rugs you may want cleaned that have been handed down from generation to generation. Our organic cleaning products are perfect for area rugs safely removing dirt, stains and odors without leaving behind any dulling residue or chemical odors. You rugs will look cleaner and brighter and smell as fresh and clean as they look.

To schedule an in home rug cleaning appointment or pick and delivery just give us a call at 1-516-405-6370.