Mattress Cleaning Services

If you are waking up every morning feeling tired and cranky chances are that your are suffering from broken and disturbed sleep and the culprit for you inability to rest properly could be as close as your bedroom mattress. Studies show that the average person spends about 1/3 of their life in bed and during the time you spend in bed you may be dirtying your mattresses with all sorts of unpleasant things such as hair and body oils, perspiration and other bodily fluids, and dead skin cells

If you eat or drink in bed or smoke in your bedroom or even your home, then odors from certain foods and accidental spills could be getting on your mattress. Add to that normal dust and pollen that can be found in home, germs and bacteria from illness, and even those almost invisible dust mites that live on your dead skin cells and then die and leave their waste in your bed and it is little wonder that you have difficulty getting a good nights sleep. To solve the problem you could buy a new mattress or you could save some money and have your mattress cleaned using our mattress cleaning services.

How Often and When Should Your
Mattress Be Cleaned?

Many experts feel that your bedroom mattress should be cleaned at least two or three times year. (More if you are smoker or suffer from allergies of asthma) and recommend steam cleaning your mattress to remove all dirt, stains, odors as well as kill bacteria and germs. Steam cleaners designed and sold for home use, lack the power to deep clean your bedroom mattress and then remove the moisture that steaming leaves behind. This means that even if you clean your mattresses yourself, you may not be removing all the dirt and odors and your mattresses may take hours or even a day to dry giving mold and mildew an opportunity to grow.

Our commercial steam cleaners are not only powerful enough to deep clean your mattresses removing more of the dirt, stains and odors, but our steam cleaners also have powerful extractors that draws out more moisture from your mattress allowing them to dry in a much shorter time and giving mold and mildew less of an opportunity to grow.

Our Mattress Cleaning Service

When you hire our mattress cleaning services our mattress cleaning technicians will come to your home and thoroughly vacuum your mattresses and box springs top, bottom and sides. They will then treat any stains and odors with the appropriate organic cleaning products before steam cleaning your mattresses. They will leave your mattress looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Residential and Commercial Mattress Cleaning

We are pleased to be able to provide both residential and commercial mattress cleaning. So whether you live in a one bed apartment, a multi-bedroom home, own a B&B or a local motel we can meet your mattress cleaning needs.

If you are ready to have your mattresses cleaned just give us a call at 1-516-6370 or talk to our online representative.